Dope Burger Seattle's dopest burger!

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Seattle, WA, 98121


Dope Burger Menu

100% angus twice ground chuck hand formed patties in house, served on fresh baked buns delivered daily.

add bacon .75. extra 1/4lb patty, $1.75
sub chicken breast. $1.50 sub sloppy jane 2.00
add super mario to any burger, $3.75
sub medium cheddar, pepper jack or swiss .25

solid dope burgers

1/4 lb burger
iceberg, pickles & dope sauce.
American cheese, iceberg, pickles & dope sauce.
American cheese, tomato, chopped onions, iceberg, pickles & dope sauce.
two 1/4 lb patties, American cheese, tomato, chopped onions, iceberg, pickles & dope sauce.

especially dope burgers

1/3 lb burger unless specified otherwise.
bleu cheese, pepper bacon, onion ring, lettuce, tomato, pickles, bleu cheese dressing & dope sauce.
swiss cheese, shaved pastrami, sauerkraut, iceberg, thousand island & dope sauce.
medium cheddar cheese, fried egg, avocado, iceberg, tomatoes & dope sauce.
swiss cheese, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, iceberg & dope sauce.
American cheese, relish, celery salt, sport peppers, iceberg, tomato, yellow mustard & dope sauce.
portabella mushroom cap filled with cheddar, swiss & avocado, breaded & fried. iceberg, tomato & dope sauce.
loose house made vegan patty with beets, yams, red rice & lots of other delicious stuff. swiss cheese, avocado & dill cream.

dope sides

dope salads

add 1/4lb burger or griddled chicken breast $3.00. add sloppy jane $4.00
fresh cut mixed lettuces, carrots, tomato, mushrooms & red onion. your choice of house made ranch, thousand island, blue cheese or Dijon vinaigrette.
1/4 wedge of iceberg, bacon bits, tomato blue cheese dressing & green onion.
buttermilk dressing.

dope sauces

dope shakes

dope beverages

extra refill, .15

dope drinks